Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finger Knitting

 My kids are pretty quiet children--they like reading and drawing and legos, but sometimes winter days involve them climbing on each other, screaming loudly, and scaring the tar out of each other. So it is nice every so often to pull out the yarn and quiet them down with finger knitting.

We started finger knitting with just one finger.  It's super easy, and from there we can progress to 4-finger knitting.

Start with a slip knot on one finger 

and bring the long piece of yarn (the one attached to the ball of yarn) 
and the loop it--front to back--over your finger.

Pull the original loop (the slip knot) over the string closest to your finger tip 

and let it fall off your finger. 

Tighten by pulling the loose "tail" of yarn.    That's it!

Add another loop of yarn and pull the first loop over the second again.

Look:  a video!

Make your knitted cord as long as you like.  When you're done, cut the tail and feed it through the loop and tighten.  Then you can trim the ends.

This is a really nice quieting activity.  It is easy and doesn't require a lot of time. We like to use our "play cords" (as we call them) for dress up, stuffed animal leashes, pretending to be animals with leashes, and lots of things.
Butter models her red cord.
Jelly's play cord is made out of really thick chenille yarn.  Nice!

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